Saturday, January 29, 2011

Man Draws on Face with Sharpie and Sword and Demands Video Games Back, Results in Arrest

Okay so I'm doing my routine morning information gathering, and I stumbled across this article talking about a man from a town I'm familiar with... Evansville, Indiana. Yeah, it was definitely a much different city than what I'm used to over on the west coast, but that's another story for another time.
 His name is Ricky Calichun and was said to have drawn all over his face with sharpies and had adventured over to a friends apartment in need of his consoles and games and what not. Ricky evenutally got into his buddy's apartment and began swinging his weapon of choice, a sword, throughout the apartment in search of his belongings. Occupants and eyewitnesses of the area informed the police, and eventually this intoxicated make-up wearing citizen was put into a county jail with $50,000 bond. Who knows? Maybe he'll have a chance to work on his sword and weaponry skill behind bars. Kalichun was charged with intimidation with a weapon and public intoxication. It is clear, this man was no drunken master with the sword. He is not the chosen one.


  1. hahaha, swords... still effective even today.

  2. Woah, he shouldn't have tried a solo quest. Never split the party. You get 5 drunken guys with sharpie face paint and swords, you know you're going to get your games back.